Wednesday, February 25, 2015

No Magic Voodoo Here!

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear when women tell me what bra size they are wearing and I estimate what their correct size is "Well, that's what size I might be in YOUR bras" A lot of women actually think that I "doctor" my bra sizes or use some kind of special bra sizing just to get them in one of MY bras. This couldn't be further from the truth! Most of you who have been measured by me know I take two circumference measurements, one where the band should sit and another one across the highest point of the breast (at the nipple, or apex) and then I pull out my trusty chart and SHOW you, based on the difference between these two numbers what your estimated bra size is (many factors come into play, but lets just focus on the basics here). Here is the chart I use, and GLOBALLY it's an industry standard: Think about how your bra fits. Think about the endless adjustments you are making. If this is happening, you are in the wrong size bra! Double DD is really small if you look at the chart. That's only a 5 inch difference between your two measurements. Measure yourself, (preferably without a bra on) then look at the chart and then tell yourself again you are a DD (or an A cup, for that matter, most women who believe they are A cups are really D cups!)