Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Every Woman Counts

I spent probably one of the best hours yesterday with a couple at the boutique. When they came in, I could tell the woman really didn't want to be in here, but that her husband had insisted they come in. You see, she was a large woman, and the defeat on her face was larger than any hat in Texas. She refused to ask me, but her husband did. "She won't ask, but I will. Do you carry anything in my wife's size?" I had already sized up his wife the minute they walked in the door and I immediately said to her "No, ma'am, I don't carry your size in stock, but I have a catalog and few websites we could sit and visit and see if there isn't something that might work for you." I pulled up a website for plus sized women. They carry sizes up to a 6X, and she said she thought she'd feel comfortable in that size. She didn't find anything on the site that she really liked, so she mentioned she liked long gowns. I pulled out my Shirley of Hollywood catalog and told her that they do have some styles in the catalog that would work for her because they went up to a 6X. By this time, she had let her guard down and she, her husband and I were all giggling about "keeping it spicy" and the importance of intimacy in a relationship. She picked out this beautiful full length sleeping gown and robe set in plum, and I gave her the price and told her she could always pay half down and pay the rest off with layaway. We were both disappointed to find that the item was currently out of stock in the size and color she needed (So yes, she's not the only one). I asked her if she liked wearing caftans, and she said she did, and I told her that I usually don't order them for anyone but that it's something that she could still be comfortable in and feel pretty until the items she wanted were available and I'd be happy to order some for her.She thanked me and said "yes", and I could tell that I had made a friend. Before she left, she asked me about a bra, and I knew I did not have her size nor would I be able to get her one in stock that would be affordable, but I did give her the information for a place that I knew she could order them and get them at a reasonable price. Before the hour was over, she and her husband thanked me for their kindness and my patience with them and for making them feel welcome. I told them the pleasure was all mine and I thanked THEM for taking the chance and walking through the door and that EVERYONE is welcome. THIS is why I do what I do.