Friday, December 4, 2015

Review - Tatuaz by Nessa

Hey everyone, as many of you know I'm always trying to find new companies to offer to my clients. I stumbled across Nessa about a month ago, contacted them and received an electronic catalog to review. I made a few choices and I received the box today. Delivery was less than two weeks. Based off of my reps recommendations, I got 75H for myself to try out in a few styles. I got Sophie, a delicious sheer pink and embroidered bra, Hera, a beautiful black and cream half padded bra, and Tatuaz, a scrumptious sheer half-lined bra. I'll try to post photos and my review of the others after I'm finished swooning over Tatuaz. I haven't measured myself in a minute, but I wear 34FF Affinitas Parfait often as long as the cups are deep enough (Odette padded, Lola padded, Melissa padded and Delphine half padded work well for me as well as many of their unlined styles), but the wires are a tad too wide, but do not cause me any discomfort or too much of a visual shape mismatch. Anyhoo, I've tried Ewa Michalak, and while at the time I did not have a size close enough to my size (it was an H cup) the wire felt really really WEIRD on me. I just tried on all three of the samples from Nessa, and the minute I put this bra on, I knew that my girls had found their home. Let me just say, this bra is GORGEOUS. I want to eat it, it's so dang pretty. The top part is made of a non-stretch tulle with black embroidered flowers. The tulle is so pale/pink so when worn, it practically disappears such that the flowers look like they are almost tattooed on my chest. (edit I just looked up the translation for Tatuaz- it means tattoo!) The bottom embroidery is different, almost a damask stitch but complements the top embroidery beautifully and is double lined. The band is firm but not constricting. In my opinion, it is just the right tightness, as I prefer my bands to give me a nice firm hug. My breasts fill out the cups nicely, and after Scooping, swooping and smoothing, everything falls in place just fine. I have perfect tack and the gore does not dig in. This particular cup is 11" deep (I measured it while I had it on since it fit so well) and about 11.25" long and the width of the cup is about 6-1/8". The gore is 3-3/8" tall and is a good height for me. The band is 27" and stretches to about 31" (I didn't get all crazy stretch lady on this beauty!) It looks well-made, hook attachment piece on most bras is felt, this one, however, is microfiber. To put it simply, I didn't want to take this bra off. Not even to measure it for you guys, but I made the sacrifice. LOL I have a client who's a 36J in Ewa Michalak BM cups so as soon as she tries on the samples I'll update you all. There is a matching panty to the bra, but since it was an initial order to test bra size, I did not include them. I will be sure to get them and update you when I receive them. I'll be including this beauty in the bra drawer arsenal for sure!
Manufacturer: Nessa Origin: Poland Band Sizes 30-44 Cup Sizes B-LL (Not all cup sizes are available in all band sizes) Retail: $62