Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trust and Honoring your Young Daughters

Moms and Dad's, it's important that you take your daughters to get fitted for a bra when the "time comes". When you find yourself in this position as a parent, it's important to understand teaching your young lady the proper way to be fitted, how a bra should fit her and care of her bra. A bra is not just a piece of fabric that covers her breasts; it helps support her and helps her look better in her clothes for overall personal esteem. Buying a bra at a big box store without a fitting is in my opinion, a no no. 80% EIGHTY PERCENT of us wear the wrong size bra so it's important to get fitted. When you take your daughter to get fitted, please remember this IMPORTANT RULE: NEVER, EVER, under any circumstances allow your child (yes, she is still a child!) to be measured, touched, or in a dressing room alone with an adult-any adult. That includes ME. If you and your daughter come into my boutique, I will honor your daughter and her body and insist you sit outside the dressing room and watch EVERY thing I do, because I may have to touch her in places to explain to her how her bra should be fitting and we know how uncomfortable it can be for a stranger to touch us, sometimes in places we are not used to. If a young lady comes in here under the age of 18 and wants to be fitted I will REFUSE this request. This is one of the few times that I will say the customer is NOT right. Please be sure to accompany your daughters for their fittings, one for their personal safety, and the other, to gain some knowledge for yourself so you will be equipped with the skills to help her choose a bra that is right for her body in the future.

Friday, August 23, 2013

I am, therefore, I blog!

I had a wonderful new customer by the name of Kristy come in to do a little shopping. She was very friendly, and was on a mission: She needed intimates. I pointed her in the direction of her side of the boutique and she commenced to picking out sleepwear, intimates.....lets just say she made some great choices. While she browsed, we talked like girlfriends (not that stuffy sales lady stuff. I just can't do it!) about girl know, the specifics are confidential. Anyway, she mentioned she liked my blog and I felt guilty. I hadn't blogged in a WHILE! No need to go back and check my last entry. It's been a few months, I'm ashamed to say. I told her I appreciated her reading my blog and apologized in the same breath for not keeping up with it. It's hard sometimes to keep up with a blog, twitter, two Face Books, a boutique, custom greeting card orders (yes, I still do those for a favorite client of mine) a husband and a household. I will be working on doing better. Stay tuned.