Thursday, February 6, 2014

What To Buy, or Not?

Most men would like to buy their ladies lingerie, but never know the right time or the right place. One of my customers, who I will affectionately call Mr.T, has the perfect procedure for buying his lady love little pretties. He knows what she likes, what she doesn't like; what he does and does not like as well. He also knows her measurements, and her shoe size. This man has done his homework. More of you gents should follow suit. What I love about Mr. T is his appreciation for lingerie, for pretty things, and for his desire to see his lady in pretty things. He has no problem coming into the boutique every few weeks, looking around, asking for particular pieces and browsing catalogs for what he's got in mind. He has great taste and he usually chooses two or three items and takes them home. On a recent visit, I followed up on a previous purchase that Mr.T had made for his lady and he told me she hadn't seen it yet. I asked if he was saving them for a special occasion and he replied, "No, I just hang them on her side of the closet and she'll eventually find them." I have to say, this has got to be the BEST way for lingerie pieces to be purchased as gifts. First, the lady does not feel like she has to put herself on display just because lingerie has been purchased for her. She may have had a rough day, doesn't feel well, or just isn't "in the mood". She will find the lingerie one day hanging amongst her clothes, know that it was her lover who purchased them for her, and smile. There never needs to be discussion; she has the option of surprising him the way he surprised her. She can choose to wear this piece or that piece, and if she doesn't like the lingerie, she'll feel more comfortable discussing it while wearing something she DOES like. Beautiful. No pressure. Intimate, sexy, and she'll always be ready when she wants to be without feeling obligated "to perform"." Ladies, help your man out. Stop into the boutique, and get yourself measured. We will create a profile card for you that can be pulled when your man stops in and wants to get you something. Tell me your likes and your dislikes and we'll note that on your profile card. Start a wish list. Give your man a head start and a clue, so when he's brave enough to purchase on his own, he'll know what he's doing. Men, surprise your ladies. Buy her lingerie JUST BECAUSE!!! And hang it in the closet, or put it in her lingerie drawer, or where ever she puts her pretty little things and let her find it. Chances are, after you've put a few pieces in her closet or bureau you'll start catching her quietly looking for something new. Also, buy some sexy under pinnings for yourself. We like to unwrap you, too.