Why Lingerie?

From the Old French linge, meaning “linen,” the term “lingerie” was originally introduced into the English language as a euphemism for scandalous underclothing. While the actual term “lingerie” was not in widespread use until the late 1850's, lingerie as it implies general underclothing has a rich and elaborate history that consistently switches between the feminine and boyish as well as the painful and practical. Lingerie includes the chemise, baby doll, the teddy, long gown, robe,corset, bustier,the bra ,the panty, and so many more things. Lingerie is a woman's clothing foundation. It helps shape and protect outerwear, as well as give a woman a sense of self esteem and sexuality. The misconception about lingerie is that its sole use is for a sexual encounter and often as stated earlier, scandalous behavior. That could not be further from the truth. Lingerie is not only a beautiful garment to be draped on to accentuate the female form, but it is also a wonderful tool to be used as a sense of self respect and esteem. There's something to be said about wearing a matching black lace bra and panty underneath clothing that fits well and accentuates a woman's breasts and the contours of her feminine form. It's her "secret"; her "I've got something sexy on and I'm going to sashay around the office in it and no one knows it but me." Lingerie is many things- functional, fashionable, empowering, sexy, and of course, seductive. Boutique